Knight Maneuver

The task in this game is to reach each square in sequence with the white knight while avoiding the black queen. Here is Ben Findgold explaining the game: . During the game the white knight must avoid the black queen. This means that the knight may not be placed on any square that the queen can reach. After the first rank is completed with c1, d1, f1 and g1, the second rank continues with a2. The game is finished when the knight has reached h8.

The time starts running after the first move is made. Illegal moves are reverted, but increase the number of moves.

The highscores for time and number of moves are isolated. Use the + and - buttons to adjust the chessboard for your screensize. You can always cancel the current game by pressing restart. The highscore will not be influenced by this.


The source code for this game is freely available at: